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The mechanism of the register shall be selfhoused in the container of the corrosion resistant metal, whit dry dial, straight reading, and rotation of the wheel be driven with magnet to the register. Easy for reading clearness and long service are its advantages.
Nominal flow rate. It is the flow rate of continuously permissible operation and equal to half the maximum flow rate.
Maximun flow rate : It is the flow rate of permissible operation for a short period of time, generally not exceding an hour in 24 hours.
Transitional flow rate : It is the flow rate at which the maximun permissible error of the water changes in value.
Minimum flow rate : It is the lowest flow rate which ensures the indicating error within the maximum permissible error tolerance.
Star-up flow rate : It is the flow rate which the water meter starts to run. It is not necessary for the indicating error to be checked in start -up flow rate.
Maximum permissible error : The error is + 2 % in range between transitional flow rate and maximum flow rate. The error is + 5 % in range between minimum flow rate and transitional flow rate.
1. This kind of water meters is not suitable for the uses in hot water and corrosive liquids
2. The location for installation shall be protected from the affection of strong magnetic fields, or exposure to sunshine, or frozen and submergence in water.
3. The newly installed pipe shall be flushed so as to maintain neither sand, nor sediment in it before installation of water meter.
4. The filter must be cleaned at regular intervals
5. The water meter should be installed horizontally. The arrow direction on the meter casing must coinside with the direction of water flow
6. In case of that water does not pas through the meter, it may be found out for the pointers to slightly rotate because of the fluctuation of water preassure of the other reasons.

According to the need of customers, we will supply 2 pcs. Copper tailpieces and nuts respectively and 2 pcs rubber sealing washers per each water meter. (but should be explained in the order).

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